Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bullet - Highway

The new Bullet album is titled “Highway Pirates” and will be released 4th February 2011.Click the picture to pre-order the album.

Highway Pirates
Back on the Road
Stay Wild
Blood Run Hot
Fire and Dynamite
Down and Out
Heavy Metal Dynamite
Into the Night

Highway Pirates:

On July 31 2009, Bullets drummer Gustav Hjortsjo was hanging around backstage at the Savsjo Festival. Suddenly he noticed a familiar face in the crowd: Saxons legendary singer Peter Biff Byford. Gustav was determined not to let this chance go missed. He approached Mr. Byford and explained that the singer
just had to make a guest appearance on Bullets next album. - Maybe, Byford replied. What’s the name of the album? Gustav had no idea. Bullet was still touring to support their Bite the Bullet album, and hadn’t really thought a whole lot about the next album. - But which song do you want me to appear on then, Biff continued. In a state of panic Gustav mumbled the first reasonably rock’n’roll orientated title he could come up with: - Highway Pirates. A month later they met again, at the Skogsrojet Festival in Reijmyre. About 40 seconds into the brilliant hard hitting title track you can now hear Biff Byfords contribution: a wolf whistle. Bullet is up for a new experience upon the release of their third album. It is the first time they have to live up to peoples highly set expectations. It is, though, a natural consequence of the success that came with the bands previous album, Bite the Bullet. The album went up to position 3 in the Swedish charts, and made Bullet one of the most frequently booked bands the following year. The success culminated when they did an acclaimed appearance as support act for AC/DC on the sold out Ullevi Stadium show in Gothenburg. The enormous success seems to have inspired rather than put pressure on the heavy metal heroes from Smaland though - Highway Pirates is definitely their strongest album to date. Highway Pirates is mixed by Tobias Lindell, who has worked with Swedish rock bands like Europe, Mustasch and Hardcore Superstar. Together with Bullet he has succeeded in creating a sound that is retro and modern at the same time. Hampus Klangs and Erik Ahlstroms guitar sound is incredibly pure. Bullet is, and always will be, a band which is to be experienced live but Highway Pirates is an album that completely captures the intense feeling of their live performances. Bite the Bullet gave the group their breakthrough and put them on the rocknroll map. Biff Byfords screamish wolf whistle on Highway Pirates marks the start of a new chapter in Bullets success story.