Saturday, September 1, 2007

Gotthard - Lipservice

4 Metal Recommends
These guys are a superb rock band. This album is filled with great songs from start to finish with absolutely no filler at all. The production is very big and the guitars sound cool. Great riffing from the guitarist. The highlight of the album is the amazing vocal lines and the brilliant delivery of them. The singer has nailed the power and the passion of the vocals and created some outstanding hooks. It really is a great album to listen to all the way through and really gets you rocking and fist pumping! Great driving music and highly recommended to fans of melodic rock like TNT (My religion) and Glenn Hughes

Vixen - Vixen

Formulated from the very glamorous elements that made hair metal in the '80s so decadently enjoyable, Vixen was the female equivalent of Warrant: rocking just hard enough so it was OK for macho hair metal dudes to enjoy and just soft enough so that they would be the darlings of the Dial MTV circuit. The formula paid off in spades, and the Richard Marx-penned lead single "Edge of a Broken Heart" blazed up the charts and usurped the throne from many of the macho hair metal dudes in all of their hair spray and make-up ridden glory.