Sunday, May 4, 2008

Slayer, Seasons in the Abyss

Well, well. This is “the” Slayer disc. All of Slayer’s previous albums had been about one thing: speed (With the possible exception of South of Heaven). So this album was a bit of a shocker. You still get the trademark Slayer hyper-riffing. Same all out attack on the drums. Some unholy/I’m coming to kill you lyrics.
However on certain songs Slayer tone the speed down. The songs are still powerful, just not “in-your-face.” Some of the songs are more of a mid-tempo thrash (Expendable Youth). The title track even has *gasp* melody. As always with any Slayer record you will get the trademark Slayer solo, as well. The last great disc Slayer put out.

Aletheian - Dying Vine (2008)

Pennsylvania’s Aletheian (formerly Crutch) come in view with full atmospheric, prograssive
death metal record. The best side of Dying Vine is surpising moments. First two track"Paragon" and "Broken Legacy" shows that the name of band will grove on internet, trully they can make name on the web. Along with this year's the greatest metal act Meshuggah, this is awesome metal music.