Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Overdrive - Angelmaker NEW ALBUM

Swedish traditional metallers OVERDRIVE will release their new album, "Angelmaker", on January 21 via Lion Music. The CD was recorded by the band and Johan Blomkvist (BLINDED COLONY, KAPTAIN SUN) and mixed by Pelle Saether (GRAND DESIGN, DIABOLICAL, WOLF) at Studio Underground. The band has also, for the first time, included a cover song. It's a classic heavy metal arrangement on the Russ Ballard-penned track "I Know There's Something Going On", originally recorded by Frida, of ABBA fame, back in 1982.

The "Angelmaker" cover, which can be found below, was once again created by acclaimed cover artist Monowasp (TNT, HOUSE OF LORDS, PLACE VENDOME) and depicts an "angelmaker" doing her deed (which was to make angels of [mostly] illegitimate babies).

listen the first track:
Signs All Over (Stark/Karlsson)

"Angelmaker" track listing:

01. Signs All Over (Stark/Karlsson)
02. In Gut We Trust (Stark)
03. Angelmaker (Stark)
04. I Know There's Something Going On (Russ Ballard, arr: Stark)
05. Under The Influence (Ericsson/Karlsson)
06. On With The Action (Jacobsson)
07. See The Light (Stark)
08. To Grow (Karlsson)
09. Mother Earth (Jacobsson)
10. It’s A Thriller (Stark/Karlsson)
11. Cold Blood Chaser (Stark)
12. The Wavebreaker (Karlsson)

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