Friday, May 6, 2011

April 2011 Best Heavy Metal Albums

April was a very consistent, but not great month.  No new releases garnered 4.5 stars or higher, but a bunch received 4 stars, making it a difficult task to determine this month's top 5.  I have a feeling some of these will age pretty well, and by the end of the year may even grow on us enough to crack the best of 2011 list.  After a lot of debate, arm-wrestling and coin-flipping, Primordial gets the top spot for April, barely edging out the return of Pentagram. Here are April's top 5 metal releases.

1. Primordial - 'Redemption At The Puritan's Hand' (Metal Blade)

2. Pentagram - 'Last Rites' (Metal Blade)

3. Blut Aus Nord - '777: Sect(s)' (Code 666)

4. Cruachan - 'Blood On The Black Robe' (Candlelight)

5. Vintersorg - 'Jordpuls' (Napalm)

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  1. Hmm controversial topic, hey? Blut Aus Nord struck me as just another trend (in the true sense of the word), or a phase -- there's too much going on at once in it -- Primordial I've not really enjoyed in the past but I should check that out.

    Cruachan, I've no idea and Vintersorg have always been very alluring, so may aswell chek it out. As me for me, top albums thus far 2011 -- Belphegor and Deicide's new'un --meh--, Nachymystium live at Roadburn, surprisingly great. But man, I'm retreating back to 60s pop, the scene's become a joke.