Wednesday, October 20, 2010

White Zombie - Gods On Voodoo Moon E.P. (1985)

The EP was first released only on vinyl. The songs "Black Friday" & "Dead Or Alive" were recorded during the same sessions but were excluded from the vinyl pressings due to lack of space. A cassette version was released in 1989 on Caroline Records featuring the two unreleased tracks. Because the lack of funds at the time only 300 copies of vinyl were pressed at Macola Records Hollywood, California, 100 of which were sold while the others are in the possession of the band members. Ena Kostabi claims to still have several copies, and even had the 7" re-pressed back in the day to send to record execs.

1. "Gentleman Junkie" 2:13
2. "King of Souls [W.Z.]" 2:19
3. "Tales From the Scarecrow Man" 3:17
4. "Cat's Eye Resurrection" 1:40
5. "Black Friday" (Cassette only) 3:09
6. "Dead or Alive" (Cassette only) 1:49


  1. I love White Zombie lots.

  2. great stuff! nice work in putting this together!...thanks for sharing!...

  3. white zombie is mad sick! I think I might do a post on my blog too, I kinda forgot about them for a while. You should come check my blog out, and maybe we can swap banners and put them up or something, I'm more of a download blog, so it might be cool to be linked to one an other, as yours is much more informative.

  4. Gotta love the old-school Zombie!