Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dream Theater - Dark Side Of The Moon

year 06 I have enjoyed rock music since I was a 14-year old boy in a small city in Indonesia. At that time there were many cassette offerings with various kind of music. Especially for rock music there were varieties of groups from Deep Purple to King Crimson. I knew Pink Floyd "Dark Side of The Moon" sometime in 1975 and really amazed with the kind of music the band plays. Because I was more familiar with straight rock, I could enjoy "Money" and "Time" easily without any barriers at all. In fact, I used "Time" as my wake up call using a timer. When this album was available in CD format, I purchased it right away and I think it was some time in the end of 80s. I did not have the CD player because I could not afford it. With this CD I also purchased Marillion's "Misplaced Childhood" even though I already had the LP.

Another one or two years later I could afford to buy a CD player and I did enjoy Dark Side of The Moon very much. The album actually has no complex arrangement at all but it does have an awesome soundscape and effects. I admire this album from this standpoint as well as the tight composition. I was kind like having an imagination that this album would be very tough to be emulated the same as the studio album because it has varied effects and wonderful soundscapes. In fact, in my collection of laser disc that features Pink Floyd live, performing some songs of Dark Side of The Moon, I could not sense the nuance and "soul" of the album on live performance (even by Pink Floyd themselves!).
Watch Dream Theater - Time Live Performance

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