Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Amoral - Reptile Ride

Usually the press materials accompanying a review copy of a CD are filled with hype and wishful comparisons to successful bands. But in the case of the Finnish band Amoral, the description of their music is actually pretty accurate. They call it "progressive, technical and melodic death thrashing metal."
Reptile Ride is heavy and dense, packed with riffs and very catchy melodies. Amoral takes that melodic death style and infuses a lot of progressive elements, including long instrumental breaks and tempo shifts. Guitarists Ben Varon and Silver Ots do a nice job creating powerful riffs and interesting solos. Their abilities are especially showcased on the instrumental "Apolcalyptic Sci-Fi Fun."
Delving into the progressive always brings the risk of self-indulgence and wankery, but Amoral avoid that pitfall and their forays into that area are interesting and for the most part, enjoyable.

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