Thursday, February 1, 2007

Metallica - Live In Athens 2007

After the inevitable waiting about for the guys to arrive we were taken backstage and lined up ready to meet the band we have been following for many years. One by one they emerged. Rob was first, he seemed in good form, very happy to pose for a few snaps and see how we all were. Next up was Kirk, again he seemed his usual calm self making general chit chat and posing for photo's. To be honest, it took up until now for me to relax a little and prepare some questions for James & Lars. Big Jim strolled round next, he was quite shocked as I was English! I think he was expecting a 100% Greek M&G! We debated about the possibility of playing Breadfan or even changing the opening song, I got a generic "We'll put it in the suggestion box" reply but he genuinely came across as a nice bloke. Was I star struck... just a tad. After about 5 hours (slightly exaggerated) or so, Lars made it out, he too was shocked to be speaking to an Englishman in Athens! We spoke for some time about the set and the possibility of No Leaf Clover making a return. He was well up for it!!! Shame it didn't get an airing til Sunday at Wembley, maybe I planted the Clover seed!?! Lars was amazing though. He genuinely seemed to enjoy speaking to the fans and didn't seem just to go through the motions of "sign, picture & move on". Considering it was well under an hour before show time, he seemed happy to take his time and make sure all the M&G winners got to have a chat.

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